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- How to Sell Isotonix Custom Cocktail

Market America and AcademicOne Announce Operation Educate America

- Exclusive! AlphaShield Firewall with Anti-Virus Software 50% Off For M.A. Distributors and Customers
- National Recruiting Conference Call on April 30

Special Price Concludes on nutraMetrix Female Support Formula


NutriClean System Backordered


Transitions CLA with Caffeine Discontinued

- Could You be the Transitions Biggest Loser?

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-ISSUE 34.06

How to Sell Isotonix® Custom Cocktail

How would you like to be able to mix and match different Isotonix products, combining them in one convenient formula? Now you can, because Market America has made it possible through Isotonix Custom Cocktail!

Isotonix Custom Cocktail enables you to offer your customers a customized vitamin and mineral supplement tailored specifically to what they want. But how, you ask, do you sell this?

Here are a few guidelines:

1. Be a product of the product. Remember, facts tell, but stories sell! Use your personal testimony of what the product did for you to paint a visual picture for your customers of how Isotonix Custom Cocktail can help them.

2. Fact find. Find out exactly what health concerns your customers are having and guide them to the Isotonix products that address those issues. Then, help them create the ultimate supplement specifically for their body.

3. Ask for the sale. Once you have found the need, shared the benefits and met their need with the perfect solution (Isotonix Custom Cocktail), all that is left is to ask for the sale and close the deal.

4. Ask for a referral. After a couple of weeks, your customers will feel great and have a story of their own about Custom Cocktail. Use their enthusiasm and that opportunity to meet their friends and introduce them to all Market America has to offer.

Isotonix Custom Cocktail: Code 13993

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Market America and AcademicOne Announce Operation Educate America

Market America and AcademicOne have partnered to support the "American Competitiveness Initiative" announced at President Bush's State of the Union address in January. (You can download the address in its entirety from the iTunes Music Store, another Partner Store.)

Operation Educate America utilizes AcademicOne's real-time, on-demand online tutoring service to provide real teachers in virtual classrooms covering various levels of math and science. AcademicOne's services can be accessed anywhere there is Internet access. With the click of a button, your computer screen becomes the blackboard, enabling AcademicOne's tutors (NetProfs) to walk you through math and science problems step-by-step.

Region 7 recently completed a trial run with AcademicOne and the response has been terrific. So now we are ready to open up the program to everyone! For Market America Distributors only, your first 30 days cost just $9.95. After the first 30 days, the Unlimited Live On-Demand Tutoring service is only $19.95 per month (the regular cost is $39.95). To get this deal, enter coupon code 65c4ff256a in the space provided at the bottom of the sign-up form. Remember, this special offer is only available to Market America Distributors and you will also earn 15% IBV on purchases at AcademicOne!

You can access the link to AcademicOne on the "Shop The Super Stores" page on your portal or the "Direct Partners" page on Once on the AcademicOne site, you can view a demo, read about the company and the services it offers, check class schedules, read testimonials and register for classes.

Please review the tutorial on AcademicOne's main page labeled "whiteboard tutorial." This will explain how to use the virtual classroom. You can also review the AcademicOne PowerPoint  presentation that will act as a powerful sales tool when you start prospecting subscribers. Sign up for the $9.95 special package so you can become familiar with the site's operational capabilities.

Click here to download the AcademicOne PowerPoint presentation. (PPT format, Microsoft PowerPoint required)

Now that the links are on your portals under "Shop The Super Stores," you can offer a 15% discount specifically for your Preferred Customers! Give them coupon code d330cf82c1 to use when they register for AcademicOne. This is another good incentive for your regular customers to become Preferred Customers!

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at

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Exclusive! AlphaShield Firewall with Anti-Virus Software 50% Off For M.A. Distributors and Customers

AlphaShield is proud to offer its award-winning "plug and play" Personal Hardware Firewall (Professional Edition) bundled with Panda's award-winning Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Platinum Edition (PC World's "Best Buy") security software to Market America Independent Distributors and customers for 50% off the suggested retail price!

AlphaShield Pro Personal Hardware Firewall ($99.99 SRP) and Panda Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Platinum (one year, renewable subscription, $79.99 SRP) are now available to Distributors and customers for just $89.99 plus shipping and handling. That's a tremendous savings of $89.99!

If you don't need the added protection of Panda's anti-virus software, you can still get the AlphaShield Pro Personal Hardware Firewall for $69.99 - a savings of $30 or 30% off the suggested retail price!

To qualify for these incredible savings and earn 25% IBV on your purchases, go to the Super Store pages on your portal or the Direct Partners page on and locate AlphaShield.

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National Recruiting Conference Call on April 30

Field Development Executive Paul Carlotta with special guests and Executive Directors Shu Yang and Catherine Ma will present a powerful overview of the UnFranchise® System on Sunday night, April 30 at 8:00 p.m. EDT.

Contact all your prospects and listen in as these dynamic speakers share why Market America is the opportunity of a lifetime, and how it has changed their lives and the lives of others throughout the U.S. and Canada. You don't want to miss utilizing the National Recruiting Conference Call to build your own organization.

Market America is dedicated to assisting you in expanding your  business across the city and across the country. All you have to do is three-way in your prospects Sunday night and listen to Paul, Shu and Catherine. Mark your calendar now and have your prospects reserve 20 to 25 minutes that could very well be the beginning of a whole new direction in their lives personally and financially.

Sunday night, April 30 at 8:00 p.m. EDT
1-646-519-5815, Pin 1314# 

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Special Price Concludes on nutraMetrix™ Female Support Formula

The inventory for nutraMetrix Female Support Formula that has been available to you at a special price is now sold out. The regular 30-day-supply bottles (Code 13815) are still available for purchase at the standard Distributor cost of $17.50 USD. 

nutraMetrix Female Support Formula is the natural choice for maintaining optimal female health. It contains a unique combination of 12 specially selected herbs, a unique formulation of B vitamins and other beneficial ingredients. This is a cutting-edge product designed as a natural alternative to traditional treatments that can help counteract the adverse effects of both PMS and menopause.*

Order your Female Support Formula today!

nutraMetrix Female Support Formula, Code 13815
Distr. Cost: $17.50; Sugg. Retail: $24.95; BV 13.5

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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NutriClean™ System Backordered

The NutriClean 7-Day Cleansing and Detoxification System (Code 13275) is currently on backorder. We are working with the manufacturer to get the product back in the warehouse quickly. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your support in this matter.

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Transitions™ CLA with Caffeine Discontinued

The caffeinated version of Transitions Conjugated Linoleic Acid has been discontinued and officially replaced by Transitions CLA Caffeine-Free. Recent survey results suggested that Distributors were strongly interested in a caffeine-free formulation, and Market America responded with CLA Caffeine-Free.

Order CLA Caffeine-Free today and keep the weight off!*

Transitions CLA Caffeine-Free, Code 6408
Dist. Cost: $29.40; Sugg. Retail: $39.99; BV 20

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Could You be the Transitions™ Biggest Loser?

Join the contest, lose the most weight and inches, fatten your wallet with $500 US!

This summer, Market America and Dr. Shari Lieberman are giving you a chance to be the Transitions Biggest Loser. This exciting contest will help slim down your body and bulk up your wallet!

Don't delay! Start today!

Contest Details:

  • Contest runs April 17, 2006 - July 10, 2006.
  • Distributors and Preferred Customers are eligible, but you must be in attendance at the 2006 International Convention in Greensboro to claim your prize.
  • Download the printable entry form at > Downloads > Sales Aids > "Transitions Biggest Loser Entry Form" (PDF format, Adobe Reader required).
  • Take a current picture of yourself and record your starting weight and measurements (See the Transitions Daily Journal for details).
  • Follow the Transitions 12-Week Program for the duration of the contest. To best support your efforts, we recommend participating in the program with a group. Pull together a team and schedule weekly support meetings where you can leverage Dr. Shari's support DVDs and educational program. (see > Downloads > Training for a 12-week program agenda).
  • On or before July 10, take your ending weight and measurements along with an "after" photo.
  • Affix your photos to the entry form.
  • Submit the "before" and "after" information and pictures, along with an entry form, to Market America's main office. All entries must be received by July 17, 2006.

Send your entry to:
Transitions Biggest Loser Contest
Attn: Marketing Department
Market America
1302 Pleasant Ridge Road
Greensboro, NC 27409

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