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- An Important Message From JR Ridinger -
Part 1

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-ISSUE 26.06

An Important Message From JR Ridinger - Part 1

Building Your Business Toward Convention

In this first installment of a three-part series imparting essential information to the Field, I want to offer you insights into building the business through our major events. Building from event to event is a cornerstone of the Basic Five and the UnFranchise® System. This fact cannot be emphasized enough, as you'll see from my own example.

From Leadership School in February through June, I focus on recruiting and building the business using 10-3-2, filling the bean jar, showing the Plan in One-on-Ones and Two-on-Ones, and conducting Trial Runs and Home Kick-offs. These actions automatically trigger the ABC Pattern as I lead my teams from house to house booking meetings. At each step in this process, I commit new Distributors to go to the International Convention. 

After I explain to them how critical it is to attend the event, I sell them a ticket. As I assist them through a Trial Run and show how the business can work for them, there usually isn't much resistance to the purchase. After I show a highlight video and explain that they can accomplish six months of development in a single weekend, other Distributors validate these points through testimonials. I level with them — attending the event is fundamental to their success, and it is futile to personally work with them if they choose not to succeed. I also emphasize the necessity of getting two people in each leg to attend as well.

Starting in June, I focus completely on getting people to attend Convention. It is simply the highest and best use of your time, enabling more business growth than anything else you can do.

Attending the International Convention is a magical experience for everyone in attendance, including the Corporate Team. The enthusiasm and belief generated by the audience brings the best out of every speaker. One cannot experience the sheer power and potential of Market America without attending one of our corporate events. Professionals in other industries who attend are often astounded by what they see. There is sincere excitement, motivation and fun associated with these events, but people leave confident and inspired because of the real substantive training and information presented.

We also recognize individual achievement at our events, which serves to validate the viability of the business. It demonstrates that if you follow the system, the business can work for you just as it has for those who walk across the stage. Our recognition segments prove that individuals make companies successful; companies don't make people successful! A spirit of belief and shared values resonates through the audience, and a sense of community with our diverse Market America family is on display for the world to see.

Interestingly enough, meetings held after the event's general sessions offer prime opportunities to build business contacts, forge alliances, socialize and strengthen friendships. People can readily identify with each other and relate to shared achievements, challenges and dreams for the future. You'll never find a group of more forward-looking, positive and caring people than Market America's field organization and Corporate Team.

Kick-Starting The Rest Of Your Life

When you are sitting in the audience at the International Convention or Leadership School, it's common to feel a sense of regret for those who chose not to attend. We can't help but think about the impact it would have had on their business and our own success. These events must be experienced — it is exceedingly difficult to relate to others through personal accounts the enchantment of attending.

We've all felt this way, which is why I am reminding that now is the time to kick-start the rest of your life, not when you are sitting there at the event wishing you had been more persuasive to those who resisted attending. The moment has come for you to get behind the wheelbarrow and push — with them in it. You have to care enough about the success of others to level with them and tell them the truth. Life, business and success are not spectator sports or passive activities! They will all pass you by unless you take the initiative!

The Convention is nearly a sell-out; I certainly hope that you have your personal tickets and those you'll need for your prospects and colleagues. If not, start calling upline to find some and, if necessary, contact Advisory Council members to see if they know of anyone in another line of sponsorship that might have some! As of this correspondence, there are approximately 1,000 tickets left, and they won't last long. 

One thing is absolute — if you are a UFO, you should already have your tickets. In order to actually be "in" this business, you must have your tickets and attend our corporate events. This demonstrates your commitment and faithfulness to the business. Otherwise, you operate with excuses and rationalization. The difference between success and failure is simple: "The individual who succeeds simply does what the individual who didn't succeed did not do." It is the simple truth. I can't think of a successful UFO who doesn't attend every Leadership School and Convention.

Let me dispel any doubts you may harbor about this! These events are the reality of the business. If you are not there, you are not fully engaged in your business, and you're certainly not up to speed on current developments. You may have signed up as a Distributor, but you cannot be a Go Now! You choose not to show up for work. This is your business, not a job, and every UnFranchise Owner has volunteered for the privilege.  Neither an upline nor a sponsor can fire you. The only person who can fire you is yourself!

How do you explain all that transpires at Convention to those who didn't have the wisdom to attend? Considering all the new developments and products revealed at our recent Leadership School, it would take you three months or more to catch up if you did not attend!

What You Can Expect At The 2006 International Convention

  • The Revised 90-Day Fast Track presentation by JR Ridinger.
  • New one-to-one shopping and surveying software to keep in touch with customers, find what they want and generate new orders.
  • A quantum leap in Web Portal functionality with One-Stop Shopping.
  • Incredible new search engines to drive business and traffic to your Web Portal.
  • Breakthroughs in the nutraMetrix™ program.
  • More bundled Voitel™ services sure to impress.
  • Several new nutraceutical product developments from customer surveys.
  • A tool to identify surveyed customers or Distributors who expressed preferences for products we introduced.
  • Recruiting training based on our Market America University concept.
  • Publicity campaign updates.
  • New Gene SNP™ panels.
  • Transitions™ advancements.
  • Frank Keefer on "Getting with the Program."
  • Elizabeth Weber on how she gets people to grow, duplicate and take on responsibility.
  • The 2006 Dream Team on the Basic Five.
  • New customized products.
  • Clinical research on Isotonix® products such as OPC-3™, and the Heart Health™ System.
  • New OPC-3 customized products.
  • Detailed training on follow up, getting people to show the Plan.
  • How the mission of the UFO program is to create statistics that will help recruit even the most skeptical prospect
  • More than a few surprises up our sleeves!

How do you cover all of that with people who were not there? It's far easier to simply get people to the event at all costs. It really comes down to working smarter, rather than harder

In summary, you should have a simple strategy — recruit like mad between now and June! Fill your schedule with meetings, and work the ABC Pattern. During Trial Runs, sell your people on the International Convention and explain the importance of the event. The shortcut to success is getting two people there in each leg for themselves.

When the dust settles in mid-June from all the meetings and recruiting activity, turn your focus to getting everyone in your organization to the Convention. By the time we open the doors to the Greensboro Coliseum, you'll have a record number of people at the event and you'll be prepared to take a quantum leap in growth.

Don't just imagine it; do it!

Keep growing,

JR Ridinger
President and CEO


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